Lutsen Mountains

Lutsen Mountains lays on four separate peaks of the Sawtooth Mountain Range in Minnesota, and is home to one of the biggest vertical drops, longest runs, and widest terrain. It’s truly any skier or snowboarder’s dream, with all its perks and features. It has a little bit for everyone, too, with its diverse runs and many things to do.

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Lutsen Mountains has a huge vertical drop of 800 feet, making it one of the biggest drops in the Great Lakes region of resorts. There are 393 acres of skiable terrain and on those 393 acres, there’s 62 runs. Of those runs, 10% are beginner, 58% are intermediate level, 24% are advanced level, and 8% are for experts. This area has a little bit for everyone, though it is geared a little more towards the intermediate crowd. Still, they offer skiing and snowboarding lessons and have a few beginner-level runs. On the flip side, they also have a double-diamond expert-level run for anyone looking for a big challenge. The longest run comes in at two miles long, and there’s 5 terrain parks for people to enjoy.

There’s 7 total lifts, with 1 six-person high-speed lift, 1 gondola/tram, 4 double lifts, and 1 triple lift. There’s also one rope-tow, but this is only recommended for short distances. There’s also plenty else to do on the resort, as well, as the skiing and snowboarding is just one part of the appeal. The resort is also surrounded by natural wildlife and scenery, which makes snowboarding that much more immersive.

Lodging is on-site at the resort, with many different options to where int he resort a person wants to stay. Packages are offered with lodging and lift tickets bundled together with a discount and are also offered separately, as well. There’s plenty of activity and dining to experience while here, and the resort even has things to do in the summer, when it’s not snowboarding season.

Ticket prices vary, but can be found and booked through Lutsen Mountains’ website. 

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