Perfect North Slopes

Perfect North Slopes is one of the only ski areas in Indiana. Being in southern Indiana, Perfect North Slopes doesn’t just draw skiers and snowboarders from the Midwest, but also from states like Ohio and Tennessee. Though it’s in Indiana, this snowboarding area gives off the feeling of being up north without ever leaving Indiana.

Perfect North Slopes has 100 acres of skiable terrain with 23 runs spread across it. of those 23 runs, 20% are for beginners, 50% are for intermediate-level people, 20% are advanced, and 10% are expert runs. The area has very diverse runs for anyone at any skill level, as it’s perfect for anyone just starting out or even an more advanced person looking for a challenge. The longest run is 1 mile long, and the slopes have a vertical drop of 400 feet, making it a perfect hill for anyone.

The slopes have 5 lifts in total, with 2 of them being quad chair lifts and 3 being triple chair lifts. There’s also six rope-tows to help get skiers and snowboarders up the hill.

Perfect North Slopes is not a resort, so there’s no on-site lodging. The slopes are considered more of a day trip, as it’s located in a place where it’s feasible that someone could make the trip there and back easily within a day. There’s not much of a base and most people don’t stay overnight, but there is local lodging if a person did want to stay overnight.

It costs $52 for a lift ticket, whether it’s for weekend or weekday, and season passes are also offered at a better deal.

Tickets can be booked through Perfect North Slopes’ website.

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