Afton Alps

Afton Alps is located in Minnesota, near the St Croix River Valley and surrounded by the Afton State Park. It’s known for its size, terrain parks, and large number of runs for someone to challenge, as well as for its variety. This ski area is perfect for beginners and intermediate-level skiers and snowboarders, and it has a couple of advanced runs for those looking for a challenge.

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Afton Alps is huge, with an area of 250 acres for skiable terrain, both for day snowboarding and night snowboarding. There’s 48 runs in the are, with 42% in the beginner category, 42% in the intermediate category, and the remaining 17% in the advanced category. In addition to this, there’s also 5 terrain parks with varying difficulty. The vertical drop of the area is a large 350 feet. The area offers lessons to learn snowboarding or skiing for all ages. This is an area with a lot of different things that the whole family could possibly enjoy.

The area also has 18 lifts. There’s 14 double chairs, 3 triple chairs, and 1 quad chair. Besides the chair lifts, Afton Alps also has 4 rope tows to help bring skiers and snowboarders up the hill.

Afton Alps is not a resort, so there’s no on-site lodging. There is, however, a base that would fit a snowboarder’s needs and their family’s in their downtime. Lodging is local, but discounts are given if booked through Afton Alps because of their preferred pricing program. There’s many surrounding hotels and motels for a person to stay at while they’re skiing or snowboarding, and these are all at a reasonable distance to the area itself.

A weekday ticket for all-day runs $53, and an all-day weekend day pass is $58. Weekend passes and season passes are also available. The hill is typically open 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

Tickets can be booked through the Afton Alps website.

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