Tyrol Basin

Tyrol Basin is one of the longest and well known hills in Wisconsin. It’s located near Mt. Horeb and is known for having some of the best terrain parks in the Midwest snowboarding community and has a fairly equal mix of beginner and intermediate runs for people to challenge, in addition to advanced and expert runs.

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Tyrol Basin is one of Wisconsin’s most well-known hills. It’s home to 18 runs, with a good mix between beginner, intermediate, and advanced runs, with a double diamond also thrown into the mix. It has a vertical drop of 300 feet and 32 skiable acres. It also has 5 terrain parks for any snowboarder or skier to challenge, giving a lot of choice to what, exactly a person wants to do at the hill.

The hill is also home to 3 triple chairs and two rope-tows, making getting up the hill fairly easy. Lodging for the hill is local, though there’s quite a bit of choice for surrounding hotels and lodging. The base is comfortable, with both a bar and a cafe for skiers and snowboarders or their families in their downtime.

Tickets for the weekdays fall at about $35 and $45 for the weekends. The hill is typically open 10 AM to 9 PM.

Tickets can be booked through Tyrol Basin’s website.

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